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You want to know the real secret to making 7 figures or more online?

Create your own products.

No, not cheap-ass throwaway info products.

I’m talking about SOFTWARE.

Software that everyone wants. Software that people use over and over again,
just like TubeAim.

You bought this because you can see how powerful it is, and you KNOW it’s
going to solve a problem for you. This is the kind of software that can make
you really big bucks.

And you’re not the only one.

Here’s the simple truth:

Targeting Software Sells Like Crazy

Everyone wants to get more traffic and make more money on Youtube, and
they’ll happily spend $47, $97, or $297 on the software that lets them get a list
of related videos that allow advertisements on Youtube.

Selling software is your golden ticket to big business online. End of.

But yeah, I get it. Creating software isn’t easy.

First you need to do a load of market research… because nothing sucks so much as investing a ton of cash into some software and then finding out no-one wants to buy it!

Then, unless you’re some secret programming ninja, you need to get it built. This costs a TON of money to pay developers.

Oh, did I mention… developers are RUBBISH at stuff like user interface, so that’s another set of skills you’ve got to buy in.

And when you’ve got all that done, you need to pay a load of testers to find all the bugs (because believe me, there will be bugs)

The fact is, it can take MONTHS to develop a top-selling piece of software.


And it takes a lot of cash just to get your idea off the ground. $5000 is the BARE MINIMUM you should be considering if you’re going to get
software coded from scratch.

But what if I could give you a shortcut? What if, TODAY,
you could have a high-quality piece of software that you could
GUARANTEE people wanted?

We spent a long time creating TubeAim. It’s one of the most powerful tools on the market for getting targeted YouTube traffic into cash in the bank…


And today, a few lucky people are about to be granted whitelabel rights.


So you can sell this premium software as your own product, under your own brand… without any of the building, testing, or design problems
getting in your way.

Proven seller: You already know TubeAim sells like hotcakes – want a piece of this action?

No support problems: all support questions get directed back to our support desk, where our professional team will take care of them

Access online and offline customers: both are going to be beating down your door to get their hands on this

Upload your own logo inside: Level Up your Branding game by Uploading your own logo inside which your customers will see when they login.

These White Label licences will go on sale to the public
on 11th November for $997

But the first 25 people to buy this TODAY will get it for just $99.95.

After 25 sales, the price is going up to $149.50, and it’s only going to get higher. Every 25 sales, the price is
going up by $50.

If you miss out… tough. This deal is already EXTREMELY generous, and it’s ONLY for people who can take MASSIVE action.

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Whitelabel (3 Licenses)

TubeAim WhiteLabel (3 Licenses)

Whitelabel (10 Licenses)

TubeAim WhiteLabel (10 Licenses)

Whitelabel (25 Licenses)

TubeAim WhiteLabel (25 Licenses)

All the best,


How does the white label work?

It’s really simple. When you buy, you’ll get to unlock a special page inside our software.

All you need to do is upload your logo inside. Your customers who want to access the software will login to yt-research-app.com and see your logo inside their dashboard.

You then have full rights to sell the software under your new brand, and use it however you see fit in your business.

What rights do I get?

All of them :). You get rebranded software and you will own it, to do with as you like.

Can I sell it at any price I like?

Almost any. You can’t sell it for any less than $17, but given people will happily pay $297 for this, why would you want to?

How about giving it away as a bonus?

Sure. As long as the main product you’re selling costs more than $17, you can give this software away and get a reputation for having the most epic bonuses on the block.

When can I start selling?

The 17th of November, so you’ve got plenty of time to think up a hot brand-name and get your sales page up and running.

How many people can I sell it to?

There’s no limit to your customers or how much you can earn. Buy as many accounts you want.

What happens if I miss out on this deal?

Then you’ll have to pay the full price of $997 for these rights. Sorry, but there’s no exceptions. Our support team are under strict instructions to ignore anyone who asks for the old price once this deal’s expired.

$997’s pretty expensive. But if I get it now, I get EVERYTHING that the people who pay the full price do?

Absolutely everything, and for a much smaller investment. If anything, you’ll have an advantage over them, because you’ll be getting in first.

I’d better get on that, then. Where can I buy it?

Just click the button below to get immediate access to the rebrand portal inside your account.

Whitelabel (3 Licenses)

TubeAim WhiteLabel (3 Licenses)

Whitelabel (10 Licenses)

TubeAim WhiteLabel (10 Licenses)

Whitelabel (25 Licenses)

TubeAim WhiteLabel (25 Licenses)